More Doxygen-compatible documentation (SSL API).
[BearSSL] / tools / server.c
2016-11-23 Thomas PorninMore Doxygen-compatible documentation (SSL API).
2016-11-20 Thomas PorninAdded flag to prohibit renegotiations.
2016-11-20 Thomas PorninSIGPIPE shall be ignored in most network-related cases.
2016-11-20 Thomas PorninAdded support for TLS_FALLBACK_SCSV.
2016-11-12 Thomas PorninMoved address-to-string translation code to blocks...
2016-11-12 Thomas PorninBetter handling of inet_ntop() failures (which should...
2016-11-12 Thomas PorninImproved parsing of some integer arguments (sizes).
2016-11-12 Thomas PorninFixed displaying of IPv6 addresses.
2016-11-09 Thomas PorninNo need to check for NULL, free_private_key() already...
2016-11-05 Thomas PorninFixed some small bugs.
2016-11-02 Thomas PorninInitial import.