descriptionThe BearSSL library and tools.
ownerThomas Pornin
last changeWed, 12 Sep 2018 15:42:08 +0000 (17:42 +0200)
11 days ago Thomas PorninFixed warning on GCC 4.6 to 4.9 (macro redefinition). master
2018-08-17 Thomas PorninAdded stand-alone RSA/PSS implementation.
2018-08-16 Thomas PorninAdded SHAKE implementation.
2018-08-14 Thomas PorninSome documentation fixes. v0.6
2018-08-14 Thomas PorninAdded generic HKDF implementation.
2018-08-12 Thomas PorninAdded POWER8 implementation for AES/CTR+CBC-MAC (for...
2018-08-05 Thomas PorninMade Base64 decoding constant-time (with regards to...
2018-08-05 Thomas PorninAdded support code for RSA and EC key encoding (includi...
2018-07-31 Thomas PorninAdded AESCTR_DRBG implementation (beta).
2018-07-31 Thomas PorninAdded RSA key generation code (i15, i31, i62).
2018-07-31 Thomas PorninFixed computation of product size.
2018-07-28 Thomas PorninAdded support for CCM and CCM_8 cipher suites.
2018-06-05 Thomas PorninAdded guard code to avoid issue when decoding PEM but...
2018-05-27 Thomas PorninFixed some typographic errors in comments.
2018-05-24 Thomas PorninSmall typo fixes (harmless).
2018-05-23 Thomas PorninAdded RSA/OAEP implementation.
5 weeks ago v0.6 Release version 0.6
13 months ago v0.5
17 months ago v0.4
11 days ago master