descriptionThe BearSSL library and tools.
ownerThomas Pornin
last changeWed, 12 Jun 2024 14:56:12 +0000 (10:56 -0400)
2024-06-12 Thomas PorninFix: make static ECDH selectable with the br_ssl_client... master
2023-02-21 Thomas PorninFixed spurious warning about old-style prototype.
2022-06-08 Thomas PorninAdded macro that indicates presence of the time callbac...
2022-06-08 Thomas PorninFixed RSA PSS verificatiobn bug (when hash_len != salt_...
2022-04-17 Thomas PorninAdded generic API for date range validation (with callb...
2021-01-27 Thomas PorninFixed comment.
2020-11-18 Thomas PorninFixed carry propagation bug in m64 impl for P-256.
2020-04-24 Thomas PorninHarmonized behaviour when point length is invalid.
2020-01-30 Thomas PorninTypo fix in comment.
2020-01-30 Thomas PorninAdded discard of unread appdata on explicit close.
2019-12-14 Thomas PorninFixed carry propagation bug in P-256 'm62' implementati...
2019-12-14 Thomas PorninTypo fix in comment.
2019-11-15 Thomas PorninFixed typo in comment.
2019-09-04 Thomas PorninFixed some errors in comments.
2019-08-18 Thomas PorninFixed small display bug in debug tool.
2019-07-20 Thomas PorninFixed buffer overflow in private key decoding (wrong...
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