How To Contribute

Suggestions, comments, patches and other contributions are welcome. They should simply be sent to me ( by email. Here are some basic rules about contributions:

  • I have strong notions of unity and harmony of software. This means that I will rewrite any patch suggestion, if only to keep the coding style consistent, or to better match long-term goals that I have not made explicit.

  • If I reject a suggestion, I will normally explain why, though I cannot promise that the explanation will be convincing. Even rejected suggestions have value, since they force me to put the underlying concepts into words.

  • Resulting code uses the MIT license, listing me (and only me) as the author. I will still list contributors in the section below.

Most needed contributions at this point are audits and tests: read the code, use it, torture it, try to crash it, and report. Remember that one of the goals is that the source code should be usable as a teaching instrument, so lack of internal comments is to be treated as a bug.


Since BearSSL was first published, various people gave some of their time to make it a better library. I want to express my gratitude in their efforts to help BearSSL reach its goals.

A special mention goes to Miha Petelin (@TildalWave), who made the Web site graphical design, logo, colour choices and HTML/CSS styling.

The following individuals contributed in various ways; they are listed in alphabetical order: Laurent Bercot, Ori Bernstein, Doug Hogan, Tim Hudson, Tanja Lange, Quentin Rameau, Zeev Tarantov, David Wong.

(I expect – and hope – that this list will grow over time, and I probably already forgot some people, so if you feel that your name should be included, don’t hesitate to drop me an email.)